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RunningTotal Overview

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RunningTotal is not a "budgeting" app. A "budget" is an abstract idea to many if not most people, in this age of credit, where the money supply expands or shrinks depending on factors we can't control. RunningTotal takes a more direct approach, by keeping a record of accounts. Budget all you want, but when your credit card is approaching its limit, you want to know about it.

Similarly, debit cards have created a disconnect between "run it through" and "what do I actually have", that can hurt you if you stop to think about.

Rather than taking the quixotic approach of setting a budget and displaying where you stand with respect to that budget, RunningTotal takes the "boots on the ground" approach of telling you where you really stand with respect to what you have available to you. All you have to do is enter expenses as they occur, and payments as they have been made, for each account, and the 'RunningTotal' will be displayed on the app's home screen, along with the limit for that account if you choose to display it.

RunningTotal Screenshots

RunningTotal 'All Tables' screen RunningTotal Keypad RunningTotal sample table RunningTotal Entry editing RunningTotal sample table RunningTotal sample Entry RunningTotal mail interface RunningTotal 'All Tables' screen with active info buttons RunningTotal 'All Tables' screen in reorder mode RunningTotal 'Inactive Tables' screen RunningTotal Inactive Table sample screen RunningTotal New Table screen RunningTotal sample help screen RunningTotal main help screen RunningTotal sample Table Info screen RunningTotal table editing sample RunningTotal entry editing sample RunningTotal New Entry sample RunningTotal Mail Preview sample RunningTotal Keypad in Label edit mode RunningTotal in saved state recovery mode

RunningTotal Manual

RunningTotal uses an in-application help system, which can be accessed in full by tapping the 'Settings' button at the bottom left of the Home ('All Tables') screen and setting 'Maximum Help' to ON. Thereafter you can obtain help for any feature by tapping the nearest 'info button' (i in a circle) or by contacting us directly via the link in the 'Help' screen, which you can get to by tapping the 'Help' button at the bottom right of the Home screen.

Any suggestions about how we can improve the documentation, or any other suggestions about how to improve the app, are more than welcome. We'd love to hear from you.

Somebody Asked These Questions

Can I install RunningTotal on more than one iPhone or iPod touch?

Yes, one installation of RunningTotal per iTunes account. But note that there may be data synchronization issues if you have RunningTotal installed on more than one device.

What's the best way of backing up RunningTotal?

We suggest connecting your device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) to your computer on a regular basis, which will back up your data to iTunes, provided you have set up the device in iTunes to sync automatically, which is the default setting in iTunes.

If you have to replace the device for some reason, your RunningTotal data will automatically be transferred to the new device, against the latest sync to iTunes.

If there is a database fault in RunningTotal on your device, backup from the last known-good copy of your data will automatically take place within the app the next time it is started, irrespective of iTunes. This rarely comes up (in fact it's hard to get such database faults to occur.)

I'd like to restrict access to RunningTotal with a PIN number, how about this?

Because of the way RunningTotal is typically used, people usually don't want to always be entering in a PIN number, it gets in the way of simply whipping your device out and entering data. However, we may include PIN access as an option in the next update, if there's enough demand.

RunningTotal Update Notes

RunningTotal 1.0 was released on 3 May 2009, and is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 2.1 or greater. Pre-release testing of RunningTotal 1.0 against what was then iOS 3 beta, did not uncover any problems.

RunningTotal 1.1 was released on 13 October 2010 and requires iOS 3.1 or greater to run. Some internal changes were made to ensure future iOS compatibility. The documentation was augmented and refined, the graphics were changed slightly, and the email system was overhauled for better integration with your device's built-in email system. The internal error correction system was also updated.

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