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ThorJupiter Software LLC is an independent software company based in Austin, TX, USA. We develop applications for mobile devices.

Business Policies

All sales of iOS apps are handled by the App Store, administered by Apple Inc. Terms Of Sale are as described to you by the App Store.

Our iOS apps are only available thru the iTunes App Store, either in iTunes or on your device. If you downloaded one of our iOS apps somewhere else, bypassing the iTunes App Store, that app is pirated. We offer no support for such stolen versions of our apps. Even if we did, the act of pirating the app may have damaged it sufficiently that it will never work properly, in ways that we cannot and will not anticipate.

The End User License Agreement (EULA) for all of our iOS apps can be found here for Apple's United States App Store. You agreed to this (or the equivalent in your country's iTunes App Store) when setting up your ability to download apps from iTunes or from the App Store app on your device.

Contract Development

We develop iOS apps for companies and other entities. All development is done in-house here in Austin, TX. We do not outsource anything, we do not offshore. If you're interested in hiring us, please contact us at

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ThorJupiter Software LLC
P.O. Box 41776
Austin, TX 78704-1776

Support for customers without a sense of humor is currently limited to the English language.

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