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HourBill - fast time + expense management, timesheet and billing

What follows is our description of the app on the iTunes App Store for version 3.1.1:

HourBill keeps track of your expenses and/or hours spent. It features fast data entry, a clean user interface designed for at-a-glance readability, strong support, a robust off-site multi-level backup-and-restore system, and it is immensely configurable.

HourBill is time and expense billing software reinvented for speed and efficiency. It's all about workflow.

Here is what HourBill gives you:

If you have any questions or comments about HourBill, or bug reports, we'd love to hear from you at our App Support link ( You can also reach us with the 'Email The Developer' button in HourBill's Help screen. We want to make it all simple. Nobody gives better support than we do. Tell us what's going on.

Please report bugs to us directly. We respond to everything. But note that we have no way of responding to issues raised in reviews on the App Store. It has to come directly to us, and the context you provide for it is often quite valuable, as we work through it together.

HourBill is built for iOS 7. Onwards and upwards!

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RunningTotal is a fast, robust and legible tool for keeping track of financial accounts. These could be bank debit card accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, expense accounts, or anything else that requires you to keep a record of money going in or going out. It is reliable, and it is private. Your data is yours, unless you choose to email it to someone else.

RunningTotal was designed for flexibility. You decide how the account info should be displayed, both in the summary screen and in the detail screens. With a best-in-class integrated help system, and a collection of sample tables provided with the app, you'll be off to a flying start. Why should you have to say, "What's supposed to happen?" We want to anticipate the question and answer it before you ask.

A brief listing of some other features:

Download RunningTotal

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Call Now

Call Now is useful for those times when you don't want to mess around with the phone number Favorites list. For example, you could be jogging, driving, or riding your bicycle on the freeway. Somebody could be chasing you. Or, you could have the double-click on your iPhone's home button set to go somewhere other than accessing your Favorites list, such as Home or the iPod app, or managing active apps on an iOS multitasking device.

If you have a phone number that you want to dial easily, quickly and repeatedly, you want Call Now.

Only for iPhone.

Note: We have temporarily removed Call Now from the App Store until we resolve an issue with recent versions of iOS. We have had requests. The Calling Man will be back. Call Now was one of the first thousand or so apps in the Store, and it still has a place, especially for those with subversive tendencies.

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